We are always open to accept new members willing to pledge their allegiance to our faith. See the information and instruction written below to guide you on your way to understanding and light.


  • Our membership is free and open for everyone irrespective of their nationality or race and who are committed to partaking in the activities as well as spreading the tenets and creed of the satanic club.

  • To be a member of our satanic organization is not a right a man can take but a privilege from us which must be safeguarded and defended at all cost. Failure to do this may result in consequences which are rather imagined than said.

  • We reserve the right to renew, revoke or terminate a membership where the member does not abide by the rules and regulations of this club or which also includes the inability to conduct himself or herself in the ways that are consistent with the satanic club and its values.

  • Being a member of this club is not an excuse or permission to constitute one’s self as a speaker or authority on behalf of this satanic club.

Joining the club is free for all. But official membership medallions can be bought at the satanic shop for a non-refundable fee of £65.

Membership Creed

  • I acknowledge that paganism is a virtue, the way to freedom and light, that all may come to the beauty of the ultimate truth.

  • I pledge to accord my fellow members with the respect and love I acknowledge to myself and to show all creatures of the world compassion.

  • I pledge to join the struggle for social justice and to use every means at my disposal to ensure the equality of building satanic icons in public spaces.

  • I pledge to acknowledge the belief in all things scientific and the superiority of Satan and his dominion over all that resides on earth.

  • I pledge to advance technologies within my power which ensure man remains busy with the irrelevant things of life with the ultimate goal of uniting him with Satan when the time is come.

  • I promise to always be steadfast in my goal which is entrench the works of the Prince of Darkness and to do all that is in my power to bring the church to its knees.

  • I pledge to always attend meetings and to make my contributions towards achieving the aims of Lucifer.

Membership requirements

To become a member of our satanic club, you must be able to attend the meetings at your chapter at least twice a month and must make the yearly trip to headquarters for spiritual direction. Members are not allowed to be addicted to any substance be it alcohol or drugs and must strive to keep their minds clear at all times. We accept donations from members and the public. To make donations, please click here.