Where paganism is a virtue!

The mission of Circle of Pagans club is to promote kindness and empathy amongst all races, rebel against tyrannical rule, and encourage pragmatic common sense as well as justice and equity. All these while being directed by the dictates of human conscience to pursue noble goals that are guided by free will. As politically conscious, and civic-minded people, we are opposed to all forms religious discrimination and the abolition of corporal punishment as a means of sanction in public schools.

We also advocate for equal rights as to the placement of religious monuments and icons in public spaces, and the lawful protection of our rights in the practice of our faith and freedom from job discrimination on the basis of beliefs.

Our Core Values

  • We should work towards acting with empathy and show compassion to all creatures according to the dictates of our conscience.

  • The attainment of justice and social equality is a fundamental process and pursuit that should have precedence over all kinds of regulations and institutions.

  • Our body's are not to be violated and must be used in accordance to our dictates and free will.

  • The rights of others should be regarded with respect and these includes the rights to carry out acts that offend our own. To purposefully interfere into the rights of other people without due cause is to disregard our own rights.

  • Our beliefs should be in strict accordance and compliance with the understanding of scientific principles which dictate the order of the universe. We should always take precaution not to alter this belief as it might lead to irreparable harm.

  • Every core value is a guiding light that is created to encourage nobility in words and deeds. The spirit of equality, empathy, humility, tolerance, and wisdom, should always take precedence over what we write and the words we speak.

For so long have we stood in the shadows waiting for the world to accord to us what is ours by right. We shall continue to worship and glorify he that is our master, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Emperor of Hell, Patron of Lies, The Accuser, The Blaspheme, The Tormentor, Father of Flies and the Fallen Angel.

Circle of Pagans traces its ancestry from the time of Lucien Greaves and we have grown from a small chapter in one County into spreading the faith and belief in over 200 counties across the country. We are the primary satanic organization across the world with clubs and chapters spanning different time zones and over the years we have been able to create awareness and advance the freedom and liberation of the society through popular campaigns that are well-orchestrated.

The worship of Satan and Satanism has for a long time being suppressed by organized religion. But today, we stand stronger than ever and with more of mankind understanding what we do, the future of Satanists all over the world is bright. To join us, fill the form below.