Five Little Known Facts About San Diego Chargers Great Charlie Joiner

The San Diego Chargers of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s were one of the more exciting and successful teams of the time. They had a strong armed quarterback in Dan Fouts and a head coach who redefined how teams would think about the passing game in Don Coryell. Another important ingredient was a great receiving corps to catch the ball. Wide receiver John Jefferson stretched the field and Kellen Winslow redefined the tight end position. Also an essential part of that team was future Pro Football Hall of Fame member, Charlie Joiner.

Here is a look at five little known facts about this great San Diego Chargers player:

1 Hey Charlie, Go The Other Way!

As a wide receiver, it was not Charlie Joiner’s job to run the ball. During the 1979 season though, Charlie Joiner carried the ball one time and lost 12 yards.

2 Give The Guy A Touchdown Already!

Charlie Joiner’s two biggest receiving yards games were a 200 yard performance with the Bengals in 1975 and a 191 yard performance with the Chargers in 1981. a total of 391 yards and he didn’t score one touchdown in either game.

3 Quick, It’s The 2nd Quarter… Throw It To Joiner!

Evidently, he and the teams he played for were most effective just before halftime. More of his touchdown receptions came in the second quarter during his career, 27 in all, than in any other quarter of play.

4 Who Else Is Great?

Charlie Joiner had a great career and in the end he was rewarded by being induced into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Four other players were inducted that year too, they were Lou Creekmur, Dan Dierdorf, Joe Gibbs, and Mel Renfro.

5 Over Here Dan, Throw Me The Ball!

Joiner is best remembered for his great years as a member of the San Diego Chargers football team. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Dan Fouts threw more touchdownufabet สมัครผ่านมือถือ passes to Charlie Joiner, a total of 34, than any other quarterback in football did.