Take Your Fantasy Football Abilities to the Next Level

Let’s face it. The guy that usually wins your fantasy football league is usually the one that can list the winner of the last 5 NFL Rushing titles of the top of his or her head (In case you’re wondering, that would be LaDanian Tomlinson (2007 & 2006), Shaun Alexander (2005), Curtis Martin (2004) and Jamal Lewis (2003). But the point is this: Usually the guy who knows the most does the best. So you have two choices, start poring over statistics, match-ups and the latest injury reports or learn to play smarter. After all, you have work, family and other concerns that take enough of your time. So learn to do better at fantasy football and spend less time doing it. Find a source of information you can trust.

There are literally hundreds of websites out there that have information you can look at in regards to fantasy football. There are giants sites and smaller sites. The giant sites are geared for the average player and are fairly generic. Smaller sites tend to be more specialized for the type or style of play you want. The important thing is to find two sites you like and trust. Then compare the two. If you start looking at 5 or 10 sites, you will become confused with all the conflicting information. Get quality draft cheatsheets and have a plan when drafting It’s pretty simple. Leagues are won or lost on draft day. Sure you can pick up a sleeper or 2 off of waivers or free agency, but a solid draft is a must.

Get a cheatsheet so you can have a plan. No what positions you want to draft for the first 5 or 6 rounds and stick to it. And don’t pay for cheatsheets or rankings either. There is so much good free information out there that you don’t need to pay for an outdated magazine or “premium” membership by some expert. My personal research has shown I’ve done no better when paying for the information (and 3 years ago I finished dead last relying on “premium services”) than I do getting good, solid, free data. Limit yourself to 3 days a week Monday is a great day in fantasy land. You can try to pick up a guy who had a great game the day before or drop and injured player. And Wednesday, I like to try and make a trade offer or see if any players other people in my league have dropped are of interest to me. Then Sunday morning, review last minute injuries, set your lineup and let it be.

Too much obsessing over who to play or which match-up is better is just a time ช่องทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ waster. Rely on the sites you’ve picked to glean your data and then trust your gut. Go with your gut Despite everything you will read and everyone that claims to be experts, the person that wins or loses is you. Some people like being able to blame the guy on ESPN that told you to start X running back when a guy on your bench scored 20 points. I like being in control of my picks. I get advice from the experts, but I make my own decisions. Then I can only blame myself when something goes wrong. Hopefully, you can see that you can actually get better at playing fa